Parenting workshops and coaching

What is in your parenting tool box? How do we raise children to be respectful, confident and critical thinkers; children who value themselves, are mindful of others, and the world they live in? Workshops are designed to help parent develop strategies to empower their children and themselves to live by our highest value.

Classes and workshops include many experiential activities that provide parents with tools to deal effectively with tantrums, engage cooperation, encourage autonomy, teach self-calming, establishing effective family meetings, decreasing sibling fighting and rivalry, teaching children how to problem-solve, diffusing power struggles and so much more.

Join me as we journey towards sharpening parenting skills in order to arm our children with the fortitude to withstand the pressures of childhood and adolescents.

Youth Leadership

Ridvan Foxhall offers leadership, social emotional workshops for children and youth. Workshops that challenges young people to see themselves as leaders, helps them discover and own their strengths, support emotional and spiritual development of participants and empower them to speak up and be leaders in subjects that affect them. Activities include consultation, games, role playing, storytelling, art and creative writing.

Character education, community building and social responsibility are important aspects of these programs. Youth learn about virtues like empathy, love, compassion while developing friendships in a loving and supportive environment.  Topics include but are not limited to: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Self Respect, Justice and Equality, Self Image, Leadership, Religious Tolerance, and can be tailored to meet the needs and interest of the group.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a holistic, client centered healthcare profession that aims at promoting health and well being through the engagement in meaningful occupations.

Ridvan Foxhall works as a pediatric OT consult for parent with children from birth to early adulthood. She coaches and educates parents about developmental milestones, self awareness, self regulation, communication skills, social emotional skills, handling strong emotions, modification of tasks, adaptation of one’s environment, adaptive equipment recommendations, and client/family education.

Ridvan also runs social skills groups for elementary students where children work on their strengths and learn to feel confident and in control. Participants use their whole bodies and senses to engage in socio-dramatic play, creative group projects, group discussions, and games to develop social-emotional skills. Children explore how their senses can be a useful tool to detect and read their own internal feelings/emotions and will gain some strategies to help navigate their environment and express themselves appropriately. Some programs are offered through New Era Creative Space an educational enrichment center for children and youth.